Friday, June 22, 2012

USF Alumnus Featured in Time Magazine

Coach Pat Sullivan and Chris Keehn

Chris Keehn, alumnus of the University of St. Francis, employed at Deloitte,
Manager | Global Employment Services is featured in the following article from Time Magazine. Positive evidence that although Chris was a Finance major his journey has taken him into various areas of responsibilities within this global firm.

for article. This quite a comprehensive report on the growing cost saving trend of telecommuting within the corporate structure.

Chris is a 2000 Finance graduate from the University of St.. Francis.

- Member of Delta Mu Delta (International Business Honor Society)
- Athletic Academic All-American
- Member of USF basketball team from 1997 – 2000 and played for Pat Sullivan
- Captain of USF basketball team in 2000

Chris currently works in the Global Employment Solutions Division of Deloitte, Chicago, – this deals with international assignees going to/from the US along with going to/from other countries as well and not just the United States.

Friday, May 25, 2012

2nd Annual Stock Market Challenge Winner Announced

Presenting  Apple  IPAD First prize: Left to right: Aaron Sanderson, Vice President (FREE), David Kuhne, Stock Market Challenge Winner 2011-2012.

Left to right: Aaron Sanderson (Vice President FREE), David Kuhne(Stock Market Challenge Winner),Samantha Cepl (President, FREE)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

With Almost 1 billion users, Facebook Opened for public trade on Thursday March 17.  As the most anticipated IPO (Initial Public Offering) in history, the stock was priced at $38/share which put a price on the comany at $104 billion. 
So what is the stock trading at today (March 23, 2012) less than one week after it's offering?  Facebook hit as low as $30.00 and may continue to stumble. 

What happened?
To explain it simply picture Facebook as a private company (meaning only certain investors, shareholders, etc. are allowed to invest with the company).  When a private company decides to go public, anyone can buy the stock and they get private investors to underwrite for them. 
  • Underwritting - When companies decide to offer stock to the public they use an investment bank to do the underwritting for them.  This helps acurately place a value "price" on the comany.

So who did the underwritting?
Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, and JP Morgan Chase all did the lead underwritting for Facebook.  These banks worked together to come up with the $38 pricetag on Facebook.

So why was Facebook's IPO such a bust?
A number of reasons why Facebook IPO has been a blunder but 5 main reasons include:

1.  Waiting Too Long
When a company decides to go public, usually alot of hype comes along with it.  Well Facebook had talk about going public for over a year, which means it had all that time for people to digest the information.  When the value of $100 billion was first place on Facebook excitement broke out and this created the same gossip that a cheerleader spreads throughout a high school.  Well just like gossip in high school, give it some time and people will forget about it.  A year to digest the news was well enough for people to handle the pricetag.

2.  Nothing left for the little guys
Before companies offer their stock public, they offer it to private entities like:  Angel investors, employees, executives, Investment banks, etc.  Well to make a long story short, they hogged it all.  Facebook's private shareholders left nothing for the public investor.  So when the stock opened, those who owned the private shares sold (for a nice quick profit) and this explains why we saw a quick drop in the price. 

3.  Just a big Fad
Remember "Going Green"?  Remember "Beanie Babies"?  What happens in a fad?  People like something tremendously to the point that they get sick of it after time passes.  Facebook is certainly not in comparison to Beanie Babies but it is the biggest global fad today.  It is liked so much that people may begin to get sick of it.  Status updates, news feeds, responding to messages, becomes tiresome and "old".  Will Facebook go extinct?  No.  Will it continue to grow at this pace?  No.  Will Facebook get old?  Yes.

4.  Facebook is NOT a necessity
Big Tech Companies:  Apple, Google, Oracle, IBM, Linkedin, Amazon, Ebay...  Facebook?  Think of all those companies and consider how they generate revenue.  The only one of these that may be debatable is Linkedin and even they generate revenue through premium subscriptions, job advertisements, and more. 
Facebook does not have a viable monetized system.  Advertising, analytics, and what else?  A revenue stream that is deffinitive and plentiful is what Facebook needs most.  In the event Facebook decides to charge for an account, the contemplation of it being a necessity is not necessary. 

5.  7 course meal or a 1 dish dinner
Facebook only offers the consumer one thing:  A social network.  Where as Apple offers Software, Products, Retail, Wholesale, Analytics, and the list goes on;  Facebook still only offers a Social network to consumers.  Facebook is a very good Steak, but companies like Google and Apple Give you the 7 course meal including damn good drinks.

In the end, Facebook will be a success story.  It will be around years to come. But Facebook will not be the massive tech giants we have today.

Editor:  Tim Plett
All statements are opinionated and information is not to be taken as investment advice

Friday, April 27, 2012

2012 Stock Market Challenge

Hello all past Stock Market Challenge participants,

The second round of the Stock Market Challenge has ended and now all that remains is to see which individuals have won the first, second, and third place prizes. Here are the rankings from the original Stock Market Challenge, as well as the second round. The winner will be announced once the final results are completed.

Second 2012 Stock Market Challenge Results
Current Rank Account Value (USD) Overall%
1. iEdon $144,128.71 44.13%
2. JeffreyOscar $100,061.24 0.06%
3. aaronsanderson $100,000.00 0.00%
4. BradPorter08 $98,551.26 -1.45%
5. JanetMireles $94,415.19 -5.58%
6. lergand1 $87,512.57 -12.49%
7. FusionIQ $53,900.33 -46.10%
8. davidkuhne $52,399.32 -47.60%
9. Rugenheimer $17,804.84 -82.20%

Initial 2012 Stock Market Results
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Current Rank Account Value (USD) Overall%
1. davidkuhne $326,087.46 226.09%
2. iEdon $252,107.13 152.11%
3. Rugenheimer $176,301.21 76.30%
4. rengoku $144,483.26 44.48%
5. BradPorter08 $138,112.47 38.11%
6. Samantha1 $134,898.36 34.90%
7. esemik $123,530.59 23.53%
8. fishinfootballer3 $115,790.27 15.79%
9. rfedo89 $114,390.63 14.39%
10. MarkZubov $112,930.60 12.93%
11. timplett $110,980.13 10.98%
12. lergand1 $110,244.11 10.24%
13. Cpizzle101 $103,228.46 3.23%
14. drecam25 $100,478.01 0.48%
15. janetspeckman $100,023.73 0.02%
16. ClintSantiago2 $100,000.00 0.00%
17. shannonolsen $100,000.00 0.00%
18. aaronsanderson $99,950.32 -0.05%
19. ThaRaginInvestor $99,766.53 -0.23%
20. treichert23 $98,509.64 -1.49%
21. Broncos202726 $83,348.71 -16.65%
22. JesseGregurich $61,666.77 -38.33%

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Summit 2012, Federal Reserve Bank, Chicago, April 23, 2012

Michelle Caruso-Cabrera

Chief International Correspondent, CNBC
Michelle Caruso-Cabrera is CNBC’s Chief International Correspondent.

Carolyn H. Ervin

Director for Financial and Enterprise Affairs, Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development
Carolyn H. Ervin is the Director for Financial and Enterprise Affairs of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development.

James Rajotte

Chairman, Standing Committee on Finance, Canadian Parliament
James Rajotte was first elected to the House of Commons in 2000 as the Member of Parliament for Edmonton-Southwest, and was re-elected as the Member of Parliament for Edmonton-Leduc in 2004, 2006, 2008 and 2011.

Jose Dario Uribe,
Governor General, Colombia Governor General, Banco de la República-Colombia José Darío Uribe has been Governor General of the Banco de la República-Colombia since January 2005

Terry Savage,is a nationally known expert on personal finance, the markets, and the economy. She writes a nationally syndicated financial column for the .,frequent guest on television and radio shows including CNN, NBC, andCNBC